there's people in this website (2019) was conceptualized as a website where every user can intervene, adding texts or images, affecting the appereance of the site for others. The site has no defined image, and, for the contrary, every user that comes into contact with the site will experience something different. This collective nature is the essence of the site, as the final product depends in equal measure to both the users and the artist.
The website itself, when visited, will generate a collage based on images and messages left behind by other users. The messages are interactive, playing an animation when the user's mouse hovers over them. If desired, any user can upload their own content. If other users happen to be connected at the time, they will get the new image inmediately, with a variation on position, scale and colors. When two or more users are connected, a new cursor will appear on the screen, one for each aditional user. The cursor will track the other user, exposing their position for the other users. In contrast to uploading images or text, this interaction doesn't leave a permanent mark in the site.