Before asking for a commissioned work, please read the following carefully:

[For digital paintings]
- Send me an email to with the details, or send me a DM in any of my social media accounts. Contact via social media will get a faster reply, but make sure to include as much detail as possible in the first message.
- You can make specifications regarding the content of the piece, but I won't make changes to my art style.
- I can paint original characters, portraits of real-life people, and also fanart.
- You can decide how experimental the piece will be.
- I won't paint: extreme gore, explicit sexual content, and suggestive content of underage characters.
I can paint humans with animal characteristics, but I won't paint furry or animal-like characters for personal style preference.

- 60 USD (per character) bust or half body. 80 USD (per character) full body.
-First payment of 30 USD before I start working on the piece, the other 30 USD is paid after I send you the final files.
- 10 USD discount (per character) is applied if you pay all the piece price at the begining.
solid background color: + 0 USD
Simple background: +10 USD
Complext backgrounds, landscapes: depending on the complexity level, + 20 USD to + 50 USD.
- Payment via PayPal
- If you're from Chile, payment can be done via Cuenta RUT

[For other types of commissions and collaborations]
- Send details to
- Please be very specific, don't exclude anything that could be important, and don't be afraid to be redundant about the details.
- You can give me an offer, or we can reach an agreement about the price.